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Since 2005 we’ve invested £17m
in the Waitrose Foundation

We’re the only UK supermarket with a worker-led scheme like this – it's our way of giving back to the communities across the world who grow, pick and pack our flowers and fresh food

Changing lives since 2005

Every time you buy Foundation flowers, money goes to help the workers who grew, picked and packed them

Where your money goes

You’ve helped us invest in more than 1,600 locally led projects, including crèches, schools, clinics and community training

How you’re making a difference

In 2021 we worked with 28 flower farms in Kenya and Tanzania, helping 18,000 workers

A classroom
for Natasha

9-year-old Natasha wants to be a doctor – and that dream is a little closer now the Waitrose Foundation has funded the building of eight new classrooms at Karen Roses JB School in Kenya, boosting the school population from 210 to 580 students. “I feel very happy when I come to our new class,” Natasha says

Dignity for

“Every time my period started,” says 14-year-old Victoria, “I’d get so worried because my mother didn’t have money to buy me sanitary towels.” Now, the Waitrose Foundation provides period products to 690 women and girls at Simbi Roses in Kenya and the schools connected to it