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Potting a tree

How to pot your tree ready for display

A tree

Remove the packaging from the tree, leaving the plastic pot in place, and check your tree fits the planter with room to add compost to help the tree grow.


Place crocks or stones in the bottom of the planter to cover the drainage hole - this will help slow drainage and prevent the tree getting water-logged.


Layer and flatten enough compost over the top of the crocks or stones, so when your tree is popped in, the root ball reaches the rim of the planter.


Remove the plastic pot from the root ball and tickle the roots to help them take moisture once planted, and place your tree in the planter.


Finally, check your tree is straight before packing the space firmly around it with compost, and then give it a really good watering with feed.


To pot your tree, you'll need the following:

  • Planter with drainage hole,
    around 33cm at the widest
    point x 30cm high
  • Crocks such as broken
    terracotta or large stones
  • Multipurpose compost
  • Trowel
  • Tree feed


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