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How to care for Gladioli

About gladioli

Here at Florist by Waitrose & Partners, our gorgeous gladioli are British-grown and a late-summer favourite. Their tall show-off stems are covered in a multitude of large funnel-shaped flowers featuring brightly coloured petals with soft, ruffled edges.

Caring for your gladioli

Your gladioli will arrive in bud to help prolong their vase life as they bloom. Simply rinse and trim the stems, then place in a clean vase of fresh, lukewarm water with their Waitrose Florist flower food added.

To encourage them to bloom, place your gladioli in a warm room first. Once opened, move them to a cooler spot, away from drafts. This stops them dehydrating and helps extend their vase life.

The August birth flower

Gladioli symbolise honour, strength and sincerity. This symbolism combined with their tall and distinctive appearance makes them an ideal gift choice for a grand gesture.

Often referred to in horti circles as 'the sword lily', the name gladioli is derived from the latin 'Gladius' meaning sword, which suits their lofty spears of blooms.

Did you know, gladioli were considered the official bloom of the gladiators, and presented to victorious fighters to celebrate their triumph and strength. Perhaps this makes them a good flower to send as a message of strength and support to cheer up a loved one.