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Make your own Christmas door wreath

Follow these 5 simple steps

Make your own wreath to dress your doorstep this Christmas for a unique and extra special welcome

Step 1 - Noble fir and holly foliage to start

Cut noble fir or holly foliage into 8-10cm stems and strip the leaves and greenery off the lower part of each to leave 2-3cm bare. Make several small three stem bundles of each.

Step 2 - You'll need wire frame & tape

Take a 22cm circular wire wreath frame and reinforce it with 0.56mm reel wire and wreath wrap tape. Lay a bundle on top and attach with the wire, wrapping it around the frame and stems three times - don't cut the wire.

Step 3 - Add another bundle

Add another bundle so that it overlaps the previous one by half. Wrap more of the wire around the stems and frame. Continue adding bundles in this way until you get back to the starting point.

Step 4 - Why not add some mistletoe

Trim the end of the wire with secateurs, leaving a few extra inches spare to hang the wreath. Form the end of the wire into a loop and twist it around itself to make a tie. Hint - why not add some mistletoe to the centre of your wreath for extra detailing.

Step 5 - Pine cones, berries and cinnamon sticks to adorn

Place pine cones, sprigs of berries and cinnamon sticks around the wreath and secure them with extra wire. Finish with a festive bow.