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Caring for orchids

Follow our easy care tips to keep your plant flowering again and again

How to care for your orchid

Exotic looking orchids make a beautiful and lasting plant gift for loved ones but they do have a reputation for being a bit tricky to keep flowering. Our orchid care guide is full of easy care tips to help keep your orchid plant flowering again and again.

Where to display orchids

Place your orchid in good natural light, but away from direct sunlight and cool draughts. Ideally keep in a warm room with a temperature between 17-23°C.

How often to water orchids

Water weekly by drenching the moss or bark, then allow to drain. Do not allow the roots to become waterlogged as they will rot. Using a house plant food occasionally will prolong plant life, but use only whilst the orchid is in flower.

How to prune orchids

After flowering, cut the stem down to just above the first stem joint, reduce the temperature to approx 10°C for four weeks, and a new flower spike may follow.

The lower, 'aerial' roots are where the plant will take in moisture from the air. Don't cut these as they are key to its growth.

How to keep orchids blooming

An orchid plant can flower for up to 8 weeks under the right conditions, but it can vary depending on the type of orchid and the season. To keep your orchid stems strong and healthy, ensure the stems stay pinned to the support supplied.