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Red rose guide

Find the right rose for the one you love this Valentine's Day


Our guide to Valentine's roses

"My expert guide to Valentine's Day red roses will help you pick the right bouquet and leave a lasting impression this year. Confused about the wide variety of roses you can send to your loved one for Valentine's Day? I'll explain the varieties you can choose and give handy tips on displaying your flowers.

All the best,

Chris Wood, Head Florist, Waitrose Florist

Sweetheart roses

Sweetheart roses are the perfect rose for creating abundant arrangements. Their petite size means you can hand-tie plenty of them together

Upper Class roses

Our customers favourite rose every Valentine's Day for their incredible value. Upper Class roses have beautiful red petals with a pretty crinkled edge

Freedom roses

With their bright crimson red colour, velvety petals and classic fluted open-rose shape, it's no wonder Freedom roses are increasingly popular

Naomi roses

The professional florists number one choice, Naomi roses are top of the range for their depth of colour, masses upon masses of petals and generous head size

How to care for red roses

Step 1

Find a vase

Your roses will be thirsty when they arrive so the first step is to find them a clean vase and fill with fresh, lukewarm water. Don't forget to add your flower food! This is specially formulated to suit your roses.

Step 2


Trim about an inch from the stems at a 45 degree angle. This allows for optimum water intake to keep your roses opening.

Step 3


Arrange your roses in the vase so that any delicate stems are centrally placed and supported while they rehydrate. Remove any foliage that sits below the water level to keep the water fresh.

Guard petals

Don't worry if some of the outer rose petals appear wilted, browned at the edges or fallen off. These are the guard petals and are purposefully left on to protect the more fragile inner petals on their journey. To reveal the colourful inner rose petals, gently and slowly peel the remaining guard petals away.