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Create your own dried flowers

Follow our steps on how to make beautiful arrangements

Generate a warm, cosy ambience at home with our do-it-yourself guide to drying flowers. Whether you decide on simple bunches of lavender, festive wreaths or a showpiece, you’ll appreciate your blooms for longer

Best flowers for drying

Ideal blooms include agapanthus, solidago or eryngium, known as sea holly. For a wow factor, opt for hydrangeas or chrysanthemums. The muted tones of gerberas and pansies add colour, while scented lavender evokes memories of summer days. If you find that Christmas is approaching, use foliage for wreaths with features such as pine cones, berries or birch twigs. Gather what you need from your garden, local Waitrose, or by responsible foraging. For a list of additional suitable flowers, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

How to dry your flowers

Your flowers shouldn’t be in full bloom. Carefully trim the stems by at least half an inch, removing excess foliage. Bunch together small flowers in 5-7 stems, drying larger ones separately. Use elastic bands rather than string, as the stems will shrink. Hang the arrangements upside down in a dark, cool place free from direct sunlight. This will help your blooms to retain their colour. Checking them regularly, leave for 2-3 weeks. You’ll know when they’re ready – the petals will rustle

Your flower drying kit

Along with your flowers, you’ll need elastic bands and a dark cool place with a hook from which you can hang arrangements. If you’re creating a wreath, your must-haves are secateurs, a wreath base, florists’ wire and hanging ribbon. Gold or silver metallic spray for wreath decoration is optional, as is hairspray. This helps set any arrangement you choose, while also adding shine

Caring for your dried flowers

With a little love and attention, your arrangements can last between 1-3 years, although this does depend on the flower types you pick. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat, and keep them away from any source of moisture. To keep them looking their very best, gently dust with a paintbrush or soft cloth

Explore our flower range

You could also choose fresh bouquets suitable for drying, such as our Pink Rose, Sweetheart Roses, Foundation Letterbox and White Rose arrangements.

Other suitable flower types

For your dried flower arrangements, the following varieties – most of which grow all year round – are suitable. These can be either bought (some are available on this site) or responsibly foraged. Remember to only ever take what you need, and what you can sustainably remove without damaging the plant. Clean cuts just after a growth point (where stems branch off) should allow for re-growth


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